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The Euterpe concert hall looks for alternatives to continue with live music with a cycle that takes place between March and April at the Sant Joan d’Alacant Auditorium. Musical Pills is the psychic remedy that Sala Euterpe has created to better cope with these hard months. There are 4 concerts that will be held in the Sant Joan d’Alacant Auditorium, complying with the legislation and security measures in force to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. On Saturday, March 13, the cycle will begin with the concert of the emerging artist Andrea Borrás, who will present her album "Mía". The second concert will be in charge of Los Gandules who will step on the stage of the Sant Joan Auditorium on March 28. The next concert will be on April 17, in which we will enjoy Mr. Kilombo, a more than consolidated artist who has served as an emotional injection for

We have a new website! We have been working on a new website for some time with VooDooRooM, so that your experience improves and you can find all our events much easier. As you know, these are difficult times but we are sure that we will return soon with many events that you will love. To date, you can familiarize yourself with all the information that you can find here, as well as buy tickets for the events at the Sant Joan d'Alacant auditorium that begin very soon. Until we can see each other, lots of virtual hugs !!!