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Rider Técnico Sala Euterpe de Alicante


A little history

Sala Euterpe.

Sala Euterpe was born from the mythical Euterpe café-pub in Sant Joan d’Alacant. The activity of the establishment dates back to the year 1983 when it became the entertainment epicenter of the municipality and of a good part of the residents of the nearby towns. Since 2013, the new management took a turn by betting on live music but keeping the essence. He transformed this mythical venue into a concert hall capable of hosting national tours that supported talent and worked in search of excellence.

The hall has a capacity of 115 people, which makes it a special place where concerts acquire added value due to the closeness that is generated with the artists. This capacity also allows us to have a personalized treatment with the spectators and that you feel at home. All this, added to a select program and the care that is given to the sound system, has meant that during these years Sala Euterpe has not stopped growing and consolidating.

We have become the beginning and consolidation of many musical careers in the last 6 years. We believe that the existence of small venues capable of betting on talent and emerging artists is essential, who work day by day in the generation of new audiences and are capable of bringing the musical experience to the maximum. To keep music alive and culture to become a way of life.


The Euterpe Family.

This is just a small representation of the great cast of artists that have passed through our room